[Game Developers Conference 2010]
Havok Sees Rapid Adoption of Multi-Product Lineup in Asia

Havok (GDC Booth #BS224) is rapidly solidifying its recent and highly aggressive expansion in Asia with a 47% growth in sales in the region over last year, paving a path for widespread adoption of its pipeline of products by the Asian gaming community over the next two years.

“As the most recognized and trusted tools and technologies provider worldwide, Havok continues to be hugely successful in the games space, experiencing significant growth amidst an extremely poor economic climate,” said Havok’s Managing Director, David O’Meara. “Our recent successes in the Asian market can be accredited to the high rate of adoption of Havok’s highly advanced productivity tools and technology solutions by the skilled developers in Japan, Korea, and recently, China.”

Havok’s dedicated team, focused on serving the specific needs of Asia’s development community and continuing the company’s tradition of providing superior customer support to its partners has expanded to new premises in Tokyo. Most recently, Havok added NCsoft Korea to its roster of triple A worldwide publisher and developer partners.

"Choosing technology for MMO titles is different than choosing technology for traditional games," said Jongwon Kim, software architect, NCsoft. "When we outsource, we need to know that the partner we’re choosing has the understanding and capability to help us evolve our game platform over the long term. Havok’s clear dedication to the Asian market made the choice to license Havok AI an easy one."

"Havok’s Tokyo office is focused on serving the specific needs and requirements of Asia-based developers and publishers, and on ensuring a successful relationship with them. This year, through further expansion and localization initiatives we will continue to demonstrate the strength of our commitment to the Japanese, Korean and Chinese development communities," said Havok’s Asia Sales Director, Arnaud Saint-Martin.

Havok’s tools and technologies are currently featured in nearly 270 released titles with over 130 in development. Havok’s award-winning, multi-product line-up, which includes back-to-back wins of the Game Developer Frontline Award for Best Middleware, includes six cross-platform products: industry-leading Havok Physics™, Havok Animation™, Havok Behavior™, Havok Destruction™, Havok Cloth™ and the recently available Havok AI™. Havok recently added tools and technologies supporting iPhone development as an additional platform in its lineup.

Havok continues to foster a vibrant community of game enthusiasts, hobbyists and developers. The Intel-funded, binary-only versions of Havok Physics, Havok Animation and Havok’s Content Tools for the PC continue to be the platform of choice, with 30% of all downloads occurring in the last 3 months alone. One in eight of these come directly from Asia Located at, this comprehensive SDK and toolchain enables grass roots developers to experiment and deploy PC games using the same physics and animation game technology used by the pros for no charge.

 [March 9, 2010]

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