Marvel and ODD1 team up for a game based on the latest Hulk movie

Marvel launches a new flash game to accompany the release of the animated movie, Planet Hulk. Developed by ODD1, the Planet Hulk Gladiators game is completely faithful to its original source by showcasing detailed drawings and fluid animation that come directly from Marvel.

Before jumping into the action of Planet Hulk Gladiators, players must choose between two types of armour, deciding which one works best with their fighting style - or no armour at all, if they’re feeling like the real Hulk. Players then fight against horde after horde of enemies, battling to get to the powerful boss of each of the three levels. The most hardcore players can even test their skills against a secret boss... a super hero that many consider to be the most powerful of the Marvel super heroes.

“At ODD1, we take pride in treating the intellectual property of our business partners with the utmost of respect. For Planet Hulk Gladiators, we worked in close collaboration with Marvel to achieve a specific goal: developing a game with quick and accessible playability for the target audience, while scrupulously staying true to the Marvel image and that of the Hulk.”

To play the game:

 [March 1, 2010]

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