Fujifil, unveils F80EXR and Z700EXR: Compact Superzoom and Touch Screen Cameras with EXR Sensor

Fujifilm’s F80EXR is one of two newest additions to it’s line-up of highly advanced compact digital cameras with proprietary and award-winning EXR technology . Modeled on the human eye, the Super CCD EXR sensor maximizes image quality, adjusting instinctively to all lighting and scene conditions. It offers the same three EXR Priority modes ( Wide Dynamic Range , High Sensitivity and High Resolution) as its predecessors and for the ultimate in ‘point and shoot’, EXR Auto mode takes the guesswork out of setting the camera by doing everything for you.

The F80EXR features a high resolution 12 megapixel EXR sensor, a large 3-inch LCD and a 10x wide-angle zoom lens, offering a hugely versatile 27-270mm range (35mm camera equivalent). It also features 720p HD image and video capture that will produce stunning, detailed images that can be enjoyed in glorious High Definition on any HD ready television* or PC. *To connect to an HD-ready TV, you will need a HD Card Reader and HDMI cable (optional extras).

It also features Fujifilm’s innovative Pro-Light Mode which provides extremely low noise even when zooming in low light scenes by combining a burst of 4 high sensitivity images using High Sensitivity mode in quick succession. Using sophisticated Multi Frame T echnology, all four images are merged to create one image.

The F80EXR also includes Fujifilm’s exclusive Face Recognition Technology - an upgrade to Face Detection technology that allows the user to register the faces, names and birthdays of up to eight friends and family in the camera’s memory. When shooting groups, the F80EXR can be set to prioritize focus and exposure on faces that it recognizes (up to five) and will display their names on the screen as the photo is being composed. In playback mode the FinePix F80EXR’s sophisticated new Image Search feature allows users to search for specific pictures by name or category.

Available in Black and Red for a suggested retail price of $299.99. For more on the F80EXR, check out the Fuji Guys videos at or

The Z700EXR is Fujifilm’s first touch screen digital camera with its award-winning EXR sensor that automatically adjusts to all lighting and scene conditions. A 3.5 inch touch screen display panel with “HD-like” 460k pixel resolution allows the user to effortlessly take and view photos and navigate the camera’s many functions. With this responsive screen, the user can also select the area of a shot to focus on with a simple tap of a finger.

It also includes Fujifilm’s new Facebook/YouTube Easy Upload tool allowing the user to mark photos for online posting right on the camera. When the camera connects to a PC with MyFinePix Studio software, all marked photos or videos upload directly at the press of a button. Featuring 720 HD Video, a Fujinon 5x zoom lens, 12 megapixel resolution, Dual Image Stabilization and ISO sensitivity to 3200 at full resolution, the Z700EXR is a must-have camera that produces high quality images and videos that are easy to share.

Other features include exclusive Face Recognition technology and Intelligent Scene Recognition. Available in Silver for a suggested retail price of $279.99.


 [February 9, 2010]

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