Wake Up Your Way With the ICF-C8WM

Owners of Sony Ericsson mobile phones and Walkman music players are in for a pleasant surprise. As of now, you can start the day with the soundtrack of your choice — and a fully charged phone and Walkman, ready to go. The ICF-C8WM is a clock radio with a very special difference: it will charge your Walkman or Sony Ericsson phone while you sleep, and wake you up with your own choice of music from either device. Or if you prefer, you can have your favourite radio station instead thanks to the built-in FM/AM tuner.

Styled to be a credit to any bedroom and featuring a cleverly designed slide-out charging dock, the ICF-C8WM solves a lot of problems. As well as waking you up with the right tunes and making sure vital kit like your phone or Walkman are fully charged, it makes the bedroom tidy. There’s no need for separate plugs, cables and chargers all over the place — it’s all taken care of in one sharp-looking package.

Control is a breeze thanks to a simple interface and a very useful omni-directional wireless remote for when reaching over is too much effort. To make sure the display is just right there are three brightness levels, and you finesse how you want to doze off and wake up with a sleep timer, a snooze timer and a dual alarm. Most importantly, if you have both a phone and Walkman docked, you can choose which one you want to use for music.

Finally, if there’s a power cut in the night, you will still get out of bed on time thanks to the NO Power NO Problem feature: an internal backup battery ensures uninterrupted operation even if the mains goes down.

ICF-C8WM Clock Radio Key Features
-  FM+AM tuner
-  Walkman / Sony Ericsson compatible
-  Music playback from Walkman / Sony Ericsson
-  Charge Walkman / Sony Ericsson phone
-  Dual alarm setting
-  NO Power NO Problem (Backup battery in case of power outage)
-  Remote control
-  Sleep timer
-  0.8W RMS output

 [September 21, 2009]

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