TiVo Inc. and Sway Team Up to Offer Consumers Access to Advertising Sponsored Videos Through a Social Media Platform

Sway, Inc. has entered an agreement with TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO) that opens TiVo DVRs to sponsored content from Shoutlet subscribers. Shoutlet is an Internet platform that combines popular technologies such as e-mail, podcasts, RSS, mobile messaging (SMS) and video syndication into one solution that marketing professionals use to create, distribute and track a variety of social media marketing campaigns. Cannondale Bicycles, Fiskars, Habitat for Humanity, Tesla Motors, and Kmart are some of the initial companies providing relevant content directly to TiVo DVRs via this new service.

This agreement creates a unique, new marketing outlet for Shoutlet customers by providing a simple, efficient way to syndicate sponsored video podcasts to television viewers who have TiVo DVRs. Shoutlet clients can upload their sponsored content to the Internet platform, which is then placed in multiple Shoutlet distribution channels, such as Automotive, Comedy, Fitness, Food and Drink, How-To, Kids and Family, Lifestyle, Music, News, Tech, and TV Shows and Extras. Automatic distribution to TiVo DVRs through Shoutlet is then followed by reporting about how the content is performing among TiVo viewers based on anonymous data.

"This relationship provides an extremely efficient and effective way for marketers to get their message directly in front of their audiences, with measurable results — an important feature, given tough economic times and increased financial accountability in the advertising community," said Jason Weaver, CEO of Sway, Inc. "We are bringing relevant, engaging advertising content to TiVo subscribers and creating a new revenue stream for TiVo."

"This relationship is yet another example of TiVo’s ability to offer advertisers a direct, targeted path to the living room, complete with measurable results," said Tara Maitra, general manager and vice president of content services and advertising sales at TiVo Inc. "TiVo is revolutionizing the way consumers watch television, and working with partners such as Sway builds our suite of advertising solutions in the DVR world."

 [September 16, 2009]

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