TiVo Chief Executive Officer Tom Rogers Gives Connected Entertainment Keynote at MIPCOM 2009

Tom Rogers, President and CEO of digital video recorder pioneer TiVo, will deliver a keynote speech on Wednesday, 7 October, at the 25th edition of MIPCOM, the world’s entertainment content market, which takes place in Cannes from 5 to 9 October. Tom Rogers will share his vision for the future of television and advertising during a keynote interview with The Hollywood Reporter editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Guider. Tom Rogers will outline how TiVo has revolutionized the way consumers watch and access home entertainment.

“I am honored to speak at MIPCOM 2009. MIPCOM is an important venue to discuss opportunities and challenges related to our industry. The media industry must do more to meet consumers’ expectations by giving them the freedom to control their viewing experience,” comments Tom Rogers.

When he took up his post at TiVo in 2005, Tom Rogers’ first mission was to reposition the company by putting it at the heart of the digital revolution. He redefined the company’s business model and technological strategy to bring TiVo to the forefront of current changes in technologies. Before joining TiVo, Tom Rogers held a range of executive positions in traditional media and new media companies, notably as President of NBC Cable and Executive Vice President of NBC, where he founded the business news channel CNBC.

Founded in 1997, TiVo, the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders prompted a whole new approach to television thanks to its development of the first commercially available DVR, which empowered the viewer to take control of their TV experience.

Having pioneered the field, TiVo could not survive as a simple supplier of DVRs, and had to transform itself into a key player in the digital revolution. The arrival of Tom Rogers as head of TiVo was the cornerstone of this transformation.

This visionary keynote will open MIPCOM’s Connected Entertainment conference track which focuses on the impact of Internet-enabled TV and how technology is changing the face of content delivery to the home.

 [August 4, 2009]

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