Tata Communications Launches Global 10 Gigabit Ethernet Service

Tata Communications, a provider of a new world of communications, has launched a new 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GigE) service to help service providers meet growing market demands for high-speed, secure and cost-effective bandwidth. As part of Tata Communications’ extensive Ethernet services portfolio, 10 GigE leverages Tata Communications’ global network to satisfy large-scale, wholesale needs for high-speed Ethernet technology across the Atlantic and Pacific and within Asia including India.

Available in 25 major cities in 11 countries worldwide, the service connects all key business centers over the self-owned TGN (Tata Global Network) cable system.

"Tata Communications’ 10 GigE service is a cost-effective alternative for customers who need large bandwidths on a truly global scale. Our availability in 25 cities worldwide is unmatched in the industry," said John Hoffman, Head of Ethernet Services for Tata Communications. "This service gives customers the flexibility of using LAN Phy or WAN Phy interfaces. Most customers desire LAN Phy interfaces to further reduce costs but not all providers can offer these LAN Phy interfaces to their customers."

Hoffman added, "No other telecommunications company can offer dedicated 10 Gig Ethernet on a global scale. Our expansive suite of Ethernet Services establishes Tata Communications as a single source provider and global leader of Ethernet. Utilizing our fully self-owned system of cables further differentiates Tata Communications from our competitors."

10 GigE helps service providers reduce operational costs without sacrificing quality. With a transparent pipe offering both LAN Phy and WAN Phy interfaces, 10 GigE features full-service frame transparency with no Quality of Service (QoS) restrictions. Frames are forwarded in the order received, ensuring all customer traffic flows in order and without restriction. Additionally, customers may choose between protected or unprotected circuits. The service, which features MEF 6.1 defined Ethernet Private Line (EPL) point to point configuration so that customers’ data is isolated and travels on its own Ethernet pipe, is a truly dedicated, secure service.

The 10 GigE service integrates seamlessly with Tata Communications’ global network infrastructure including regional cable systems such as TGN-Atlantic, TGN-Northern Europe, TGN-Western Europe, TGN- Pacific and TGN-TIC and new investments like the TGN-Intra Asia Cable-a 6,700 km multi-terabit cable system that connects Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan; and the TGN-Eurasia Cable-providing express connectivity between India and Europe. Combining all these Tata-owned cables, Tata Communications can provide 10 GigE services literally around the world.

"The ability to deliver 10GigE service on a global scale makes Tata Communications stand out in the global Ethernet services market," said Soh Siow-Meng, senior analyst for Global Telecom Services at Current Analysis. "Service providers looking for a cost-effective option to meet the increasing demand for international bandwidth will find Tata Communications’ new service attractive."

 [July 22, 2009]

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