iGo Offers Universal Power Chargers for All Devices

In response to the EU Commission’s recent announcement that major mobile phone manufacturers have agreed to produce phones that all use one universal charger in 2010, iGo says, "Why wait?" iGo, a provider of portable power management, has been offering universal power chargers since 1995 and has made easy power-up solutions available to consumers for all of their devices, not just cellphones.

iGo’s power solutions allow everyone to have one charger for all of their devices. By simply swapping the patented iGo tips on their charger, consumers can charge everything including mobile phones, laptops, cameras, MP3 players, GPS units and more. Compatible with almost every device on the planet and with the ability to charge devices at home, in the office, in the car or in the plane, iGo is the only existing replacement for every device charger.

iGo has always kept the planet’s future in mind with its universal charger concept and, more recently, has introduced the market’s first charger-specific recycling program. Taking conservation even farther, iGo will be introducing the world’s first power products that actively and automatically reduce standby power (or "vampire power") by over 85% versus standard products, saving both energy and money. The products that incorporate the iGo Green Technology include the first green laptop charger, a multi-outlet surge protector and a wall outlet.

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 [July 7, 2009]

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