TransGaming Brings Tale of Tales’ New Game to the Mac

TransGaming, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TNG), has entered a partnership with Tale of Tales to bring their biggest project to date: a highly original, artistic, horror game, entitled ’The Path’, to the Mac. The Mac version of The Path was enabled by TransGaming’s Cider Engine and will be digitally distributed globally. Available immediately, The Path for Mac can be downloaded by the Mac community for $9.99 US at, and other GameTree Network sites.

"The Path is a unique and intriguing journey designed to encourage inquisitiveness and adventure. As an Indie title that has received broad acclaim, The Path is a natural fit for the Mac," commended Vikas Gupta, President & CEO of TransGaming. "With most of the gameplay being entirely optional, the player has all the freedom in the world, an aspect we believe is very well aligned to the essence of the Mac community."

"The title refers to the path to grandmother’s house in the story of Little Red Ridinghood that inspired our design," directors Auriea Harvey (US) & Michael Samyn (BE) explain, "the path that you’re not supposed to stray from for fear of meeting the wolf. But it also has another meaning. While most videogame designs encourage you to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, The Path allows you to focus entirely on what happens between start and finish. Much like life, our game ends with death. But despite the gloomy and sometimes unsettling atmosphere, The Path contains a positive message: enjoy life to the fullest, no matter how short it may be!"

The Path is a new type of game. It originates from the rapidly emerging field of independent game production. Ambitious independent creators are exploring the artistic potential of the videogames, much like film makers of the Nouvelle Vague have done for cinema.

The Path is being exclusively distributed by TransGaming’s GameTree Network and is available for immediate purchase at for USD $9.99.

 [May 11, 2009]

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