Cyanide shows off its Dungeon Raiders

Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive revealed the existence of Dungeon Raiders for the Nintendo DS. Described as a funny and crazy experience which does not take itself too seriously, it features a trio of very special characters with Luigi the failed thief, Extermino the executioner who thinks with his axe rather than his head and Glandalf the magician and movie maniac.

Dungeon Raiders allows players to explore a vast collection of dungeons filled with traps and populated by hundreds of monsters. During his incredible quest that will lead him to some pirates caves to Egyptian pyramids without forgetting Dracula’s castle, the player will also face some riddles that are sure to test their wits.

The game is perfectly suited to the unique gameplay of the Nintendo DS and its touch features. To this end, the stylus and microphone are used to activate mechanisms, avoid traps and destroy enemies. A bit like a certain Castlevania, spells can be drawn on the screen: telekinesis, flatulence, duplication and toilet plunger are some examples, strengthening how the developers are relying heavily on humor for this production.

Dungeon Raiders will be released in the summer of 2009.

 [April 14, 2009]

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