Snowboard Riot bombs the slopes

Hudson Entertainment has been working for a while now on its snowboarding game called Snowboard Riot, in development for the WiiWare online service by Nintendo. Totally not a simulation, this production bets on crazyness with special powers and funny weapons to use for each track. Among them, antipersonal mines, turbo speed, invisibility and homing missiles will create chaos on the slopes where up to four boarders will challenge themselves simultaneously thanks to Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connection.

Snowboard Riot has everything from an arcade game, from its presentation to its key mechanics. Two control possibilities are available, from the classic Wiimote and Nunchuk combo to the more loyal Wii Fit setup which mirrors the caracteristics of a real snowboard - by leaning left or right, the player changes its direction in real time. They will be able to choose among four characters, each one of them customizable with unique clothes and goggles to boost their performance. Snowboard Riot is scheduled for the beginning of the current year although no official release date has been issued.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [February 12, 2009]

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