Yangaroo’s DMDS Hits Record 2 million U.S. Deliveries

2008 was a record year for Yangaroo on many fronts. Deliveries made in the United States by YANGAROO’s patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) during 2008 surpassed two million, a jump of 60% over 2007. Canadian deliveries continued to grow at a remarkable rate, more than doubling with an increase of 120% over the previous year. The number of songs delivered by DMDS to radio, press, and other destinations grew by 90% to 21,000 in 2008.

This growth is a result of increased usage by major and independent record labels, as well as the addition of new radio destinations and the expansion of deliveries to other destinations such as newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets.

"The growth in usage of DMDS during 2008 was quite remarkable, especially in light of the economic downturn in the year," said John Heaven, President and CEO of Yangaroo Inc. "During periods of financial stress, organizations search for better and more efficient ways to do things, and DMDS is the obvious solution for the music industry. In 2008 the U.S. and Canadian music markets continued their escalating adoption of DMDS, and in 2009 we expect to further monetize this growing usage. With the impending launch of our new generation of DMDS 5.0 software and the allowance of our U.S. patent, we fully expect this growth to continue at an accelerated rate."

 [January 30, 2009]

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