Bluelounge Introduces The Sanctuary in New Dark Wood Color

The Sanctuary, Bluelounge’s best-selling integrated charging station, has been released in a new dark wood color version. In addition to charging electronic devices, Bluelounge’s warm design provides the perfect safe haven for credit cards, wallets, money clips, loose change, keys and other often-misplaced personal items. The new Dark Wood Sanctuary features an exclusive PU leather inner tray and retails for $149.95 US Dollars. It is available immediately.

With The Sanctuary, users can now charge their cell phone, iPod®, PDA and headset simultaneously in one compact location. It contains a universal cell-phone charger compatible with over 1500 electronic devices from over 35 brands and hundreds more via a USB port. The Sanctuary user can be confident that their personal electronics will be compatible without having to purchase additional tips and connectors. Fashionably concealing these multi-functional electronic capabilities, this Bluelounge product is also a chic and accessible destination for all of one’s personal affects.

The Sanctuary performs its functions with ease and elegance. It is designed for daily use at one’s kitchen counter, bedside table, or office desk. Bluelounge Design’s use of materials creates a substantial weight to the product, combining innovative technology with high quality craftsmanship. The Sanctuary is made from injection molded ABS, which is then coated for a high-end gloss finish. The inner tray is finished with flocking in black and tan (reversible) and the base is manufactured with a flat injection molded rubber plate.

Source : Bluelounge

 [February 5, 2009]

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