Dead Rising: the horror back soon

Capcom’s popular zombies carnage is preparing its invasion on the Nintendo Wii. Announced for next February 27, Dead Rising is a port of one of the very first successful Xbox 360 games. It sold more than one million copies since its official release in 2006.

Freelance journalist Frank West is searching for a hot scoop. By visiting the small town of Willamette, he discovers most of its citizens have been transformed into hideous, bloodsucking undead. This game is divided into many cases (missions) where the main character explores a huge shopping mall in search of survivors and crucial information.

Each object becomes a tool for survival, including a katana, a golf club and even a car. In this port, which uses the same engine as Resident Evil 4 Wii, it is possible to aim at the screen with a weapon or shake the controller to get out of an attack. Moreover, it has been confirmed there is a new save system in place which should please many critics of the original game.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [January 14, 2009]

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