VuNow PoD Now Available

Watch the world on your television. Verismo Networks, the developer of the VuNow Internet TV platform, has launched the $99 VuNow PoD is now available online. With partners like YouTube already on board, the VuNow delivers a world of Internet videos right to the television easily without the need for a computer. Verismo’s VuNow is the only solution that provides everything a consumer wants. Access to the broadest Internet content, simple to use, easy to install, and compact in size — all at an affordable price.

-  A Standard Definition and a High Definition model of the VuNow PoD that can connect to any TV
-  Support for wired or wireless Internet connectivity
-  Navigation using a TV-friendly and intuitive User Interface
-  Watch YouTube videos on TV by categories
-  Search for videos with the powerful built-in Video Search Engine
-  Choose from a large selection of movies and download from CinemaNow (Coming soon)
-  Download videos using BitTorrent™ protocol
-  Watch videos directly from popular websites by categories
-  Watch Live TV Channels from around the world
-  Access to Personal Media such as video, music, and photos from the home network — stored on a PC, Networked Attached Storage device, or even on a connected USB storage device
-  No subscription fees


 [January 2, 2009]

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