GTA IV : images of the first expansion

The Xbox 360 will host new downloadable content for the popular Grand Theft Auto IV. Exclusive, this new chapter is called The Lost and Damned and will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace (XBLA) starting February 17 2009. Rockstar North has unveiled how the first episode of new content for its Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in a totally different setting than the main story.

The action will spawn in Liberty City with a never before seen main character, new weapons and missions, a bike gang, and multiplayer add-ons. Lost and Damned, a Microsoft exclusive deal, still has no official price. However, many sources are pointing towards 20$. The game broke two records : best one-day sales (3.6 million copies) and seven-day sales (6 million copies).

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [December 26, 2008]

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