Pool Revolution wants new players

Hudson Entertainment has a pool game called Pool Revolution: Cue Sports, a Nintendo Wii exclusivity. Offering an accessible gameplay and controls which are really close to the feeling of the real sport, this production tries to make its place into a market that isn’t really strong right now on the console even if it has the required technology.

Developers exploited as best as they could the Wiimote possibilities with Pool Revolution. They tried to simulate this game by using the official controller as a stick. Its movements are influenced by the player’s movements towards the screen. New ones to the sport will have the chance to practice by creating a session with a computer-controlled opponent. Those familiar with such gameplay may just fire up the online part and play against their friends on Nintendo’s free service, WiiWare. Pool Revolution cost is 800 points.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [December 24, 2008]

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