Mortal Kombat back on the ring

In spite of a terrible financial situation, company Midway is keeping faith and continues to work on its latest ultra-violent fighting game Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. November 16, 2008 will mark the union of two very different universes that will collide. Sonya, Sub-Zero, Scorpion and friends will have to beat down comics heroes such as Batman, Superman, Flash and many other popular names. With the help of rebalanced combat mechanics compared to the last batch of Mortal Kombat games, this one is shaping up to be an ambitious project.

The inclusion of freefall and close combat, destructible environments and rage fuctionnality will drastically change this series. About rage, it grows up as the character is receiving hits, a bit like the Limit Break in Final Fantasy. Once activated, this mode allows to break through any defence and deal 50% more powerful blows.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [October 30, 2008]

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