Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on the field

Undeniable master of soccer for many, the Pro Evolution Soccer series has known success for years. In the 2009 version for Wii, the game has been heavily adapted to match the console’s unique features. Years after years, fans claimed there was only one true reference when it came to soccer videogames : Pro Evolution Soccer. In this 2009 version, Konami also develops for the Nintendo Wii and makes good use of the unique Wiimote abilities.

Therefore, using movements, the player is able to guide its team towards victory using a satisfying ’’point & click’’ interface. Those who only swear by classic controls won’t have to learn these mecanics since the game allows to score using the Classic Controller or the Wiimote without all the movement jazz.

Pro Evolution Soccer aims for a spring 2009 release.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [October 20, 2008]

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