NetComm’s exclusive Telstra partnership delivers two wireless gateway devices

Telstra, an australian telecommunications company, has partnered with NetComm Limited, an australian provider of data communication technology and a 3G embedded module manufacturer, Sierra Wireless to launch a new mobile broadband device. The device, introduced today, is marketed as the Telstra Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway and BigPond 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway and combines three capabilities in one unit - super-fast mobile broadband, a secure Wi-Fi Gateway and Ethernet connectivity.

The device is marketed as the Telstra Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway and BigPond 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway and combines three capabilities in one unit - super-fast mobile broadband, a secure Wi-Fi Gateway and Ethernet connectivity. Both products have been developed exclusively for Telstra’s Next G(TM) network, Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile broadband network. This announcement follows the Product Supply Agreement signed between Telstra and NetComm in May 2008 for the provision of broadband routers.

It is also part of an ongoing relationship between the companies that builds upon NetComm’s commitment to developing and delivering innovative 3G solutions and devices.

Telstra Product Management Executive Director, Mr Ross Fielding, said Telstra teamed with NetComm to create a flexible device that provides shared access to the net virtually anywhere within Telstra Next G(TM) network’s two million square kilometre-plus footprint.

"We think customers will really appreciate the convenience and reach of this portable solution, its quick set up and its suitability as an alternative or backup to fixed-line broadband," Mr Fielding said.

Danny Morrsion, General Manager, NetComm commented, "These two gateways are unique in the Australian market in terms of sophistication and capability, offering users super fast connection speeds. They are the culmination of more than six months of NetComm development and innovation, working closely with Telstra to ensure a seamless end-user experience."

"We look forward to working again with Telstra on solutions for the Next G(TM) network. In addition, NetComm and Sierra Wireless also have a long-standing relationship and will continue to work together to develop state-of-the-art wireless connectivity products."

Embedded in both devices is the powerful Sierra Wireless 3G module responsible for the same reliable, high-quality mobile broadband customers have come to expect with Telstra’s 7 series range.

"Our collaboration with Netcomm to bring 3G embedded wireless connectivity to their industry-leading gateway solution and to launch with Telstra on their Next G(TM) network takes advantage of each company’s strengths," said Jin Pak, Vice President, Asia Pacific Sales for Sierra Wireless. "Australian businesses and consumers know that Netcomm delivers quality products and they are looking for the same quality in the wireless connection to support a variety of high bandwidth applications. Sierra Wireless is pleased to collaborate with Netcomm to deliver a reliable, embedded mobile broadband solution to the Australian market."

These Gateways include state of the art security features such as WPA data encryption, SPI Firewall and VPN pass through, that meet the mobility, flexibility, speed and security needs of Australians.

About Telstra Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway

The Telstra Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway for Telstra Mobile Business provides a simple, flexible and affordable Internet connection for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can leverage the speed and coverage of the Next G(TM) network to provide mobile and remote high-speed access to data, emails, Internet and business applications, as well as create a network with multiple wireless devices including PCs, laptops, Wi-Fi phone and PDAs with no need for ADSL or cable.

The Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway is available for Business and Enterprise.

Telstra Business and Enterprise customers can order the device through any Telstra Shop or Dealer or their Telstra Account Manager. The modem is $529 outright or can be purchased on Telstra’s Mobile Repayment Option.

The Turbo 7 Series Wireless Gateway will be available from Friday 25 July.

About BigPond(R) 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway

The Telstra 7.2 Home Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway creates a powerful, reliable and secure home network that allows BigPond customers to connect multiple wired and wireless devices to the one secure Internet connection. It is easy to use and provides a consistent and fast Telstra Next G(TM) network connection to the Internet without the need for ADSL or cable.

The BigPond install CD in your Self Install Kit has been designed to configure your BigPond 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway and your computer and laptops automatically.

BigPond 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway will be eligible for the current BigPond Wireless Broadband special offer and available from Telstra Shops and dealers.

BigPond 7.2 Wireless Broadband Home Network Gateway availability will be announced soon.

 [July 25, 2008]

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