Fujifilm Launches A Social Network for Generation "Z"

Fujifilm launched, a social network hosted on the Ning platform, in support of three events promoting the stylish Fujifilm FinePix Z20 digital camera. The ’premiere’ Z Spot LA event will take place on Thursday, September 25th at Opera and Crimson, in Hollywood. Z Spot LA will feature a headline performance by Los Angeles natives, No Age, hot on the heels of their critically-acclaimed new album, "Nouns."

Z Spot Now friends will be invited to participate in the The Z Roll Movie Contest. Contestants will submit a short video clip to complete a story started by Fujifilm. The winner will be flown in for the Z Spot LA event to attend the exclusive party where their film short will be premiered.

Event facts for ’Z Spot Now Miami’: The Z Spot Miami event will take place on Saturday, October 18th at One Cool World skate park in Miami, Florida. This daytime event will feature live demos by some of Miami’s most prolific pro skaters, with a live performance by renowned hip-hop/mash-up DJ, Z-Trip.

Z Spot Now friends will be invited to participate in The Art Z Contest, which calls for aspiring urban artists to redesign the Z20 logo. The artist that best reflects today’s urban design trends will be flown to the Z Spot Miami event. The winning design will be used as the theme of the event, included on signage and t-shirts worn by the pro-skate crew. Event facts for ’Z Spot Now New York’:

The final event, Z Spot New York, will take place at an exclusive New York City venue on Thursday, November 20th. Z Spot New York will kick off with a roundtable discussion during which some of today’s leading fashion and technology designers and influencers will come together to discuss the convergence of fashion and technology. A special cocktail reception, featuring one of NYC’s hottest DJs, will follow the roundtable discussion.

As colorful and stylish digital cameras like the Z20 become everyday accessories, we are seeing a convergence of fashion and technology. The Z Couture Tech & Fashion Contest asks today’s geek-chic generation to submit a video of themselves explaining why they should represent their generation on the panel by discussing what’s next for the convergence of fashion/style/design and technology. The winner will be flown to the Z Spot New York event and receive a seat on the panel to sit shoulder to shoulder with today’s leading fashion and technology design influencers. Additional Relevant Information

The Ning platform currently has over 358,000 social networks and is growing at a rate of 1,500-2,000 per day.

LA Contest Video reel
No Age’s MySpace page
DJ Z-Trip’s MySpace page
Opera and Crimson images
2007 Fujifilm Z10 Launch Party@ Irving Plaza, NY

 [July 18, 2008]

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