Optoma Pico: World’s smallest projector

The microprojector race is open : in order to steal the fire from company Microvision, which has shown its technology in the domain a couple of weeks ago, Texas Instruments announces the commercialization of its own product for this year in the rest of the world.

Optoma Pico is about to steal the title of the smallest projector on planet. Revealed by the company Texas Instruments (TI), it could find a niche among business people on the road or youngsters in dire need to present their favourite videos to their friends. The gadget, created in collaboration with Thailand firm specialized in projectors, Optoma, Pico is a projector which is not integrated in a cellphone, like the rumour around the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of January tried to spread.

Pico will be able to show the contents of popular media players like the Playstation Portable, Apple’s own iPod, some unnamed cellphones and laptops. Projection would be very clear on a surface equal to standard paper (8.5x11) in an internal environment, not matter the luminous situation. Pico has one lifespan estimated between one to two hours with its batteries. This projector, according to a representative at Texas Instruments, Frank Moizio, would be sold under the bar of 300 American dollars.

Optoma Pico should make its appearance on the Asian and European markets before the end of 2008. About the North-American territory, it will be necessary to wait until 2009.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [July 18, 2008]

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