CableBox from Bluelounge: out of sight, out of mind

Bluelounge, the emerging Pasadena-based design studio known for such creativesolutions as the Sanctuary, SpaceStation and Cableyoyo, introduces the CableBox: a cleverly designed container that organizes the loose and tangled power cords found behind the TV, next to the computer and underneath one’s desk. The Bluelounge CableBox eliminates the nagging issues that result from “cable clutter”, including dust accumulation, unsightliness and fire risk. The CableBox, offered in white or black, retails for $29.95 USD and is available for purchase through

The CableBox accommodates power strips and surge protectors of all shapes and sizes (Size: 15.6 in L x 6 in W x 5.5 in H) with room to spare for surplus cable lengths and adapters. With open slots on either side of the unit, electrical cords are neatly aligned starting at the source. Ten twist-ties are included with the CableBox to provide additional cable management support. The container’s rubber feet anchor it firmly to the floor.

The Bluelounge CableBox is made from flame retardant HIPS (high-impact polystyrene thermoplastic), which provides both fire safety and a sleek aesthetic. In addition, the lid eliminates accidental disconnections and prevents the power supply from degenerating into an untidy dust trap.

 [June 26, 2008]

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