Ninja Gaiden slices in screens

Team Ninja is completing work on Ninja Gaiden 2 and invites us to visit a small portion of the places available through new screenshots. Eye warning, content is rather...graphic! Ryu can be described as lucky. He is probably the bloodiest ninja in the industry of the videogames, it is actually something. He slices open his demonic foes with increasingly more violent weapons, this time a chain-axe-morning star retractable weapon.

Ninja Gaiden 2, an exclusive title for the Xbox 360 console, is a product resulting from the imagination of Tomonobu Itagaki. He is not shy to raise the quality of its software years after years. Its difficulty makes it a favourite among "hardcore" players. It will be launched June the 3rd on the North-American territory.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [May 5, 2008]

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