Images of Monster Madness : Grave Danger

With a unique style videogame, Monster Madness, SouthPeak Games will try to cover a niche market from the Playstation 3 userbase. SouthPeak Games is developing a horror and comedy videogame called Monster Madness : Grave Danger as a Playstation 3 exclusive title. It’s in fact a polished version of Monster Madness : Battle For Suburbia, which was launched on both the PC and Xbox 360 platforms in 2007.

It will feature a lot more important details like the hability to customize your characters’ costumes, cooperative mode for up to four players simultaneously (either online or offline), and 25 new challenge missions. This unusual production is scheduled for May 30 in the United Kingdom.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [April 24, 2008]

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