Street Fighter IV adds Abel

If there is a prestigious series in the fighting genre, it sure is Street Fighter. For this fourth entry, Capcom plays a little with the nerves of its enormous fan base. Nobody knows yet on which platfom the game is being developed on, except arcades, where the series was built in the first place. A click for new fighter and images.

It is clear that the majority of specialists as observers of the videogames industry believe in the development on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 of Street Fighter IV. Unfortunately, Capcom has confirmed nothing, therefore it will be necessary to be patient before an announcement, which could occur during the Games Developer Conference (GDC) which will take place from the Febryary 18 to 22 in San Franciso, United States.

At the very least, the company had the kindness to distribute some rare additional information with the arrival of a new face: Abel, an amnesic warrior who’s like Ryu with blond hair. No release date was communicated for Street Fighter IV.

 [March 4, 2008]

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