Marijuana Machines

Prestigious tourist destination, Las Vegas is recognized for its many casinos and a major tie with Hollywood. The city offers a new uncommon gadget being able to distribute the marijuana drug. The residents of Las Vegas are now able to use electronic machines which distribute marijuana 24 hours aday.

Attention, they are not as the machines that can be found within the office - in fact, they are isolated and guarded by round-the-clock security agents.It is necessary to have a prescription ordering the therapeutic use of theafore mentioned drug. Also, the patient must acquire a prepaid credit card onwhich some data is recorded, by example the type of marijuana suggested (choiceof five types) and dosage (maximum one ounce per week). Finally, thefingerprints are recorded for safety reasons.

The Anytime Vending Machines (AVM) could also sell such products as Viagra or Vicodin (painkiller) in the near future. Source : thrillist.

-  Michael Bertiaux

 [January 25, 2008]

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