Duke Nukem is back from the grave

Emblematic character of the video games universe, Duke Nukem still exists as proven by the developers at 3d Realms, which offer the first video of Duke Nukem Forever in ages, announced for the first time more than 10 years ago, in January 1997.

The development of this first person shooter took joke dimensions in the industry. Several players are pessimist in relation with it, believing quite simply that it will never be completed. A spark of hope was born following the creation of Prey, a similar FPS from a design standpoint also developed by 3d Realms and launched in 2006. The video (teaser), true surprise of Christmas that no one had envisaged, shows hero in his usual form without revealing actual gameplay sequences. It has a little more than one minute in length and shows Duke and some of its enemies of which the traditional pig-police force. It is known that Duke Nukem Forever is based on the graphic engine called Unreal Engine 2 modified heavily. It looks very close to Doom III now. After all these years, one expected better, but let’s wait to see the gameplay before judging. Here it video.

-  Michael Bertiaux

Source: 3D Realms

 [January 8, 2008]

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