FIX8 Introduces New Cast of Virtual Characters

FIX8, a new media company that provides rich, interactive media tools for user-generated content, today unveiled its premium software, which is now available for download at The company also launches its new website featuring a simplified software download process and fun new videos, avatars.

FIX8’s latest creation builds on the success of its free software download that is spreading virally among friends, blogs and video sharing sites. The premium version (for a limited time offer of US $9.95) features a colorful cast of 65 virtual characters, over 140 accessories and advanced high-resolution video record options. FIX8 Premium is the tool of choice to take animated user-generated content (UGC) and live video chats via webcam to an entirely new level. The download process is simple and hassle-free.

FIX8’s virtual communications software maps the facial expressions and gestures of its users in real-time with the use of any webcam. Users can choose from avatars, creative "dress-up" accessories, flash and more to create rich, interactive virtually-animated videos for live chats and sharing across social pages, blogs or with friends.

FIX8 software works across IM services including MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Skype. FIX8-animated videos can also be saved and posted across Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Users can let their imagination run wild with FIX8’s personal avatar creator. The premium service offers a universe of options from new virtual environments and accessories to powerful unique avatar creation tools!

 [December 26, 2007]

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