K.I.T.T.Y. The Loc8tor: A human voice for your car

Many automobilists have faced the unlucky thing of not remembering where exactly they parked their car. In jam packed parking lots, a solution is about to emerge : a voice for your car thanks to Loc8tor and Chevrolet. Loc8tor Limited must be thanked for the creation of their latest gadget named K.I.T.T.Y. The Loc8tor (Key Innovation That Talks to You) which can be placed inside a Chevrolet car, brand of General Motors.

With its help, it will be able to talk with a human voice as its owner sees fits. He only has to record a little message, which will be amplified as soon as the localisator mode is activated. Over are the searches at the exit of a mall while in Christmas mode, with the voice of their car the clients will be guided, or so thinks the company.

This anthropomorphic trait is common, as shown in the past with Honda’s ASIMO robot. The attribution of human caracteristics to objets, natural phenomenons, animals and other sectors goes back to the eve of our species. No price tag has been confirmed for the K.I.T.T.Y.Loc8tor, though the company offers some similar localisator products on its official website, which look like cellphones. Their prices range from 99.99$ US and up. [Source: Automotogadgets]

Michael Bertiaux

 [December 13, 2007]

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