See yourself in others with the photomosaic mirror

This mirror is no ordinary mirror and will not help you fix your makeup. It’s made of a 30 inches LCD screen with a Mac Mini, housed in a wooden case with a web cam attached to the top. The image you see is actually a photomosaic composed of many tiny images of other people who have used the mirror. Your own image is stored in the temporary library of users to be added to the ones used to update the live image with a second of lag. The reflection takes form as still frames of you and others are combined in a video effect. Build by the Barbarian Group, this mirrror is on display in the Seattle aera at the McLeod Residence art gallery and is now being sold in a limited-edition (100 only) for $6,000 (US). The next version of the mirror will be presented next year at the Emerging Technology Conference in early March.

The Barbarian Group describes themselves as a group of art directors, industrial designers, interactive artists, developers, animators, illustrators and more who strive for the perfect marriage of creative and technology with interactivity as their canvas.

Mirror Series


McLeod Residence

Barbarian Group

Emerging Technology Conference

 [July 19, 2007]

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