PhotoChannel and FUJIFILM Canada Agree to Online Photo Deal

PhotoChannel Networks Inc. specialized in Online Digital Media Solutions for retailers announces that it has reached an agreement with FUJIFILM Canada Inc. to operate Online Photo Services for FUJIFILM retailers. As part of this agreement, PNI will work with FUJIFILM Canada to immediately start the process of converting the site platform of its key retailers; towards full-completion in the coming months.

"Having this alliance with FUJIFILM further strengthens the reach of the PNI Digital Media Platform and firmly establishes us as the dominant provider of online photo services," says Peter Fitzgerald, Chairman and CEO of PhotoChannel. "FUJIFILM is a world class operation which has shown great ability to generate and sustain digital imaging business as the market accelerates to even greater digital penetration. It is a testament of our abilities and proven solution to have FUJIFILM select us as their key Canadian provider"

"We are working with PhotoChannel to offer our customers the best Online Photo Service available in the industry today," says Michael Finch, Group VP & GM Business Operations for FUJIFILM Canada. "We believe this alliance with PhotoChannel will help us meet our goals of driving online digital printing and photo gifting revenue through our customers."

 [June 15, 2007]

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