KEF ships wireless speaker system

By eliminating the frustrating speaker wire to the rear speakers, KEF’s newest solution, KEF Wireless, offers surround sound speaker system that balances audiophile-quality sound with unlimited installation flexibility. The KEF wireless system utilizes proprietary technology to deliver CD quality audio that won’t be affected by microwave ovens, cordless phones, or LAN routers.

Designed to fit a variety of applications, the KEF Wireless is available as an upgrade to existing KHT5000 series speakers, as a complete 5.1 KHT5005.2W system, and as a “Universal Wireless” kit to transform any speaker to wireless.

KEF claims that their wireless system provides high-resolution audio without the degradation, distortion and latency issues that have plagued other wireless audio products on the market such as Wi-Fi, which broadcasts over a single frequency and is subject to radio interference. Keff utilizes advanced RF communications to ensure the highest fidelity and noise-free audio reproduction.

KEF has developed a 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology that uses advanced error-protection and sophisticated adaptive frequency-hopping to ensure an interference-free signal. Homeowners have the flexibility of placing their rear speakers anywhere they want as well as moving them to different locations if desired.

 [June 14, 2007]

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