Aaron Axelrod’s "Melting Rainbows" to Premiere at Vortex Dome

Los Angeles based artist Aaron Axelrod unveils "Melting Rainbows," a 360 degree Vortex Dome theater presented by c3: Center for Conscious Creativity and Vortex Immersion Media. Axelrod’s "Melting Rainbows" fully immerses viewers in the experience of both a filmed and live visual hallucination including melting, dripping and color-shifting imagery.

This technique is accomplished by Axelrod’s experimental use of "fulldome" visual projection which combines multiple projectors to create a large seamless image on the dome. Axelrod has created both a short film and developed a live performance to showcase this technique. The film combines innovative visuals with an original score composed by solo electronica musician, Pepepiano, as viewers embark on a magical journey through sight and sound. Using the same experimental technique used to create his short film, Axelrod will collaborate with Jeff Smith of Eye Vapor to perform his hypnotic visual performance live to a contemporary array of music and sounds.

Axelrod, a Cal Arts graduate, whose interests lay in the ideas of social interaction, psychedelia, and sexuality has had work displayed in galleries and public spaces in cities across the country.  Collaborations have included projects for KCRW, Disney Imagineering, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, TOMS, Coachella, Vans, LA Sheriff’s Department, Skee.TV and Google to name a few.  Axelrod is currently an artist in residence (AIR) at the Vortex Dome.

 [September 21, 2012]

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