ProGaming Platforms to Utilize Technology For Human Resources and Security Applications

ProGaming Platforms Corp., a developer of a commercial multiplayer online gaming and reward processing software platform, has announced that the company intends to apply its platform to serve additional functions related to the measurement and analysis of human behavior.

The platform, which is currently used to accurately record the progress and results of real-time, multiplayer online games, can similarly be applied to measure and compare the performance of multiple individuals in a wide variety of real-life simulations.

Such complex virtual and constructive simulations can be utilized for training as well as evaluation purposes, particularly in the fields of security and human resources. ProGaming’s platform can be applied to analyze the human behavior of simulation participants, and can compare the behaviors of multiple participants across a variety of simulated circumstances and challenges.

"The ability to apply the proprietary ProGaming platform across multiple industries, including the hi-tech and security sectors has the potential to add tremendous value to our system, and can open doors to numerous business development channels," said Boaz Lowenstein, Chief Executive Officer of ProGaming Platforms. "The system accurately measures human behavior in real-time, and this functionality can have significant commercial applications."

SOURCE: ProGaming Platforms Corp

 [July 6, 2012]

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