GenAudio And Audiokinetic Form Alliance To Deliver Realtime 3D Spatial Audio Technology for Game Developers

The integration of GenAudio’s AstoundSound® for Gaming with Audiokinetic’s award winning Wwise game audio engine offers game developers the ability to provide a new dimension in audio performance ranging from stereo enhancement to full-blown, immersive audio spatialization.

Using the Wwise audio engine with AstoundSound for Gaming, developers can enable their games to send sound objects above and below the player, enhancing the gaming experience for players by greatly increasing the level of immersion. AstoundSound for Gaming features tools for sound designers and integrators to select sounds to incorporate horizontal panning (azimuth), vertical placement (elevation), and depth perception (distance).

AstoundSound for Gaming will be available for PC, console and mobile games. No custom ear/head matching or special decoding hardware is needed by the player or required to enjoy the true 3D audio experience. The AstoundSound processing core is extremely versatile and is being integrated throughout multiple market applications. The game industry can now take full advantage of this 3D spatial audio technology.

“To truly find widespread adoption, 3D spatial audio must work on every platform, work on stereo speakers as well as headphones, not require special hardware and most importantly not add significant time/cost to development,” Martin Klein, CEO, Audiokinetic, said. “GenAudio’s AstoundSound for Gaming is the only multi-dimensional audio technology that meets all these requirements. Now, for the first time, developers have a way to deliver a superior 3D positional audio reality in video games and create an audio experience for gamers unlike anything they have ever heard before.”

AstoundSound for Gaming is heavily optimized and incorporates tools to ensure low processor expenditure for target platforms. GenAudio and Audiokinetic have developed a solution to intelligently deliver 3D audio gaming performance while ensuring no compromise of processing for important visual elements like graphics and AI.

“Since its market entry in 2006, the Wwise game audio engine from Audiokinetic has been recognized for delivering high performance audio solutions and setting the industry standard for game audio technology,” Jerry Mahabub, CEO and President, GenAudio, said. “The integration of AstoundSound for Gaming will deliver a new paradigm of audio performance for the game community by significantly increasing game player awareness and reaction time.”

The tightly integrated 3D audio solution and standardized workflow integration is scalable in performance, offering game developers the needed flexibility to create and deliver the best audio solution in conjunction with other gaming elements. Developers can use AstoundSound and Wwise technology on existing platforms as well as future platforms.

The AstoundSound for Gaming plugins for Wwise are expected to be available by Q4 2012.

 [May 31, 2012]

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