The Yellow Pages App First With Free Voice Navigation

Avantar’s Yellow Pages is the first business directory app to offer FREE turn-by-turn voice GPS navigation on the iPhone. The Avantar Yellow Pages app has always been on the cutting edge of great technology. Before the iPhone had built-in GPS, Avantar was the first to bring geolocation to the App Store. Avantar’s engineers triangulated phone signal towers to determine the user’s location.

The Yellow Pages app has long offered excellent voice recognition search, ratings and reviews, movie listings and trailers, etc. Other mobile business directories followed in Yellow Pages’ path. Now with the implementation of free turn-by-turn voice navigation built into the app, Avantar continues to forge ahead.

Most mobile navigation apps usually charge a monthly fee after the free download, but Avantar’s integrated app is truly free, with no hidden or monthly charges.

"Yellow Pages’ main service will continue to be the best option when finding a business based on your interests," said Adrian Ochoa, CEO and President of Avantar. "Data is the name of the game, and in this convoluted information arena we rule. And now, true to our commitment to lead in technology, we are offering something hard for other apps to beat: truly free integrated GPS turn-by-turn voice navigation that will guide you to your destination. Just search for a business, and we will guide you there."

Yellow Pages is simple to use and very intuitive; usually one or two taps will get you the info you want. It gives you the ability to personalize the interface and make the app load a first screen with icons of the most common searches.

Navigation is not new to the iPhone, but free voice navigation in-app is a very welcome feature.


 [May 4, 2012]

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