Nordic Games Establishes North American Presence

“Retail is facing all kind of challenges globally, and North America is no exception. However we strongly believe that if you have the right product at the right price, there are still plenty of great sales opportunities out there. Strategically this is a big move for us, hoping not only to add new revenues, but also ensure a true global launch of our upcoming products. The timing is perfect from our own product portfolio’s perspective as we plan ahead.” comments Lars Wingefors, owner and founder of Nordic Games.

Part of the product strategy will be re-activating the catalogue of former Dreamcatcher Interactive that was acquired in 2011. Nordic Games will also publish new and backlog games from its own portfolio (for example: Gothic, Spellforce, The Guild, Painkiller, WeSing, WeDance). Nordic Games also looks for opportunities of publishing products from EU in the US as well as in the other direction.

As a first step in establishing a local presence, Nordic Games has hired Eric Wuestmann as Sales & Marketing Director for the North American market. Eric has an extensive background in the video games industry, starting his career at Acclaim Entertainment in 1993 and has since then worked with 1st party hardware suppliers as well as top tiered 3rd party software developers.

“It’s a pleasure and privilege to be part of the Nordic family. I am confident that with my years of experience in the video game industry, coupled with the stellar international reputation of Nordic Games, we can achieve considerable success in the North American market” says Eric Wuestmann.

 [April 26, 2012]

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