IceWEB releases ’IceSTORM 3.0’ operating system for fast and easy management of unified storage appliances

IceWEB a provider of Unified Data Storage appliances for cloud and virtual environments, announced the general availability of its IceSTORM operating system for its award-winning unified data storage appliances.

Now shipping standard on all IceWEB unified storage appliances at no additional cost, IceSTORM provides all of the enterprise-scale capabilities needed to provision, manage, and optimize IceWEB storage arrays as well as any other storage arrays on the same storage area network (SAN). In addition, IceSTORM provides all the data protection needed to ensure the high availability and disaster recovery organizations need, all much more affordable than traditional storage hardware and software vendors.

Enterprise-scale features of IceWEB’s IceSTORM Operating System include:

  • Thin Provisioning: Efficient allocation of dynamic disk with option to provision iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, or FC to a new environment
  • Storage Pooling: Shared pool supporting multiple tiers of storage
  • Active Directory & LDAP Authentication
  • Clones: Deliver capacity savings of up to 90% with no performance impact, for testing and development
  • In Line Data Compression: Ranges from 1.2 to 3.8x compression; skips dense blocks to minimize IO load
  • Volume Level Inline Deduplication: Aggressive checksum/hash algorithm to obtain up to 90% deduplication levels (memory upgrade required)
  • Snapshots: Instantaneous, zero impact, zero capacity allocation
  • Snapshot Rollback: Instantaneous
  • Replication: Asynchronous, Synchronous and Encrypted
  • VM Integration: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer
  • Built-in support for single parity, double parity, and triple parity RAID protection
  • Automatic error correction ensures data integrity
  • Flexible replication services (local or remote, bi-directional, real-time or scheduled)
  • Mirror HA

"With the release of version 3.0 of our IceSTORM operating system, we now provide a proven, tested and validated management interface to our unified storage devices, solidifying IceWEB’s position as a viable threat to slower, costly storage providers," said John R. Signorello, Chairman and CEO at IceWEB. "As a far more nimble storage company, we’re far better equipped to adapt, improve and refine our software solution to keep in check with ever changing market demands."

 [February 27, 2012]

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