Sun Microsystems Teams With Ericsson and Nokia to Form the ’Telecommunications Platform Initiative’

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:SUNW) announced a new global cooperation with Ericsson and Nokia that aims to unite the Network Equipment Provider (NEP) community and assist telecommunications operators and service providers. Coming together as the Telecommunications Platform Initiative, members are jointly developing the requirements for a standardized, integrated telecommunications technology platform to simplify technology integration by enabling design, development and supply chain efficiencies.

To succeed in today’s competitive telecommunications market, operators must constantly find new ways to bring services to market more quickly while simultaneously boosting subscriber revenues. Sun, Ericsson and Nokia jointly recognized the industry need for a common platform infrastructure that would provide a uniform foundation to help address these market pressures. By collaborating on a series of publicly available requirements documents for the Operations, Administration and Management Layer (OA&M) and Service Layer environments, the members of this Initiative will provide the broader telecommunications industry with new alternatives to improve time to service, time to market and ultimately, time to revenues.

By coming together to jointly define industry platform requirements, the NEPs benefit from greater freedom to focus more resources on their core competencies. The members of the Telecommunications Platform Initiative are defining and developing an architecture that will be easily adaptable to a wide range of applications.

Sun and the members of this Initiative will continue to be actively involved with other standardization and specification bodies such as PICMG and SCOPE.

 [November 30, 2006]

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