Mipjunior launches Books-to-TV Exchange

MIPJunior is partnering with the London Book Fair to launch the inaugural Books-to-TV Exchange, in Cannes, October 2. The Books-to-TV Exchange consists of a series of events bringing together representatives from leading children’s book and e-publishers with producers, to discover new properties that have the potential to be developed into television programming. Publishers who will be attending include Penguin, Nathan Edition, Random House, Bayard, C.A.L. and Editions Dupuis.

“There is a growing collaboration between book publishers and television producers and we are delighted to have this opportunity, with the London Book Fair, to bring these two communities together,” observes Laurine Garaude, Director of Reed MIDEM’s Television Division. “Through the Books-to-TV Exchange, television producers will meet some of the leading children’s publishers at MIPJunior.”

The London Book Fair (LBF) is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. LBF is part of the Reed Exhibitions Books and Publishing Group. Reed Exhibitions is the parent company of MIPJunior organiser Reed MIDEM.

“The London Book Fair is very happy to be involved in this project,” notes Alistair Burtenshaw, Group Exhibition Director. “Children’s publishing is a vibrant and vital part of the Fair and at LBF, we are always looking for ways to help our clients take their content to new markets. MIPJunior offers the perfect opportunity to put publishers and television producers in touch.”

The Books-to-TV Exchange includes a case study session which will illustrate some examples of successful interaction between the two industries to show how to adapt books for media.

Two successful book-to-screen transpositions, initiated by Darrall Macqueen Ltd and Walker Books & Walker Productions, will be presented and then analysed by a panel of experts.

Helen McAleer, Managing Director of Walker Books & Walker Productions comments: “The Books-to-TV Exchange is a fantastic initiative reflecting the current industry landscape. At Walker Books, we brought together the worlds of publishing and production by establishing Walker Productions to take our content to screen. We rely on partnerships with talented industry professionals and production companies to make this happen. A forum like MIPJunior is the ideal place to meet producers and build creative partnerships for the future.”

 [September 27, 2011]

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