Panda Security Launches 2012 Consumer Anti-Virus Solutions

Panda Security has launched its new 2012 consumer product lineup: Panda Internet Security 2012 for Netbooks, Panda Antivirus Pro 2012, Panda Internet Security 2012 and Panda Global Protection 2012. All solutions are available for online purchase today, and in the coming months will also be available for purchase at major consumer electronics retailers and department stores.

Panda Security’s 2012 product line is the most complete ever, and especially designed for Internet users who are very active on the social web. All products are extremely easy to use, both for users who don’t want the hassle of managing their own security as well as power users with more demanding needs.

All of the 2012 products deliver real-time protection against known and unknown threats by leveraging the knowledge and experience of millions of users through Panda’s unique cloud-based Collective Intelligence technology. Every day, PandaLabs receives nearly 100,000 new files that Collective Intelligence automatically analyzes, classifies and remedies. By gathering information on malware from the worldwide Panda community, Collective Intelligence continuously improves protection levels and offers more rapid response to the newest and most dangerous malware attacks.

Panda Global Protection 2012, the most comprehensive solution in the new product line, is specifically designed for highly active users with the most demanding protection needs. New features include:

  • File Encryption and Shredding: Users can easily encrypt any document or file by right-clicking on the file and choosing the "Panda SafeVault" option. Each document will then be password protected and encrypted to prevent the theft of personal, banking and financial data or valuable multimedia content. Users can also virtually "shred" files, deleting files forever, ensuring no one can access the data.
  • Remote Control: Users can access their computer files from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • PC Optimization: Improves PC performance, optimizing system speed.<3ul>

    The entire 2012 line builds on the core functionality that has positioned Panda Security as the preferred antivirus provider among PC users with advanced anti-virus detection and remediation, improved firewalls and behavioral analysis. Updated features available in the consumer products include:

    • Safe Browsing Mode: Launches a new virtual browser for safe Internet browsing. This is particularly useful for users who are looking to take extra precautions while banking or shopping online, or browsing social media networks that have sensitive personal data.
    • Home Network Manager: Checks the security status of home computers.
    • Updated Panda USB Vaccine: Prevents USB devices from spreading infections.
    • Panda SafeCD: Backup and system recovery can clean all types of malware from your computer if you cannot start Windows.
    • New Parental Controls: Advanced URL filtering system is more intuitive.

    The new 2012 consumer products are available for free trial at or for purchase online at

     [June 3, 2011]

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