OfficeRunner Wireless Headset Offers A Unique Alternative For Phone Use

The Sennheiser OfficeRunner lets users talk on the phone as much as 400 feet away from the phones base station. The OfficeRunner’s noise-canceling microphone cuts most background noise and features impressive high definition sound quality. It is compatible with almost any desktop phone on the market today and features 64-bit digital encryption so calls are secure and safe.

The sleek, silver, convertible headset offers multiple adjustable wearing styles, guaranteeing a comfortable fit for any user. The super-light headset weighs only 0.78 ounces and lasts for 12 hours on a single charge. The OfficeRunner charging base is an elegantly designed lighted black cube that seems to allow the headset to float in mid-air as it charges on the base.

Effective For Use In Corporations, Small Businesses AND Home Offices:

  • As more and more people work from home offices, the OfficeRunner helps them be more productive by allowing them to use one headset with their phone AND computer eliminating the need to buy two headsets and continually switch back and forth.

  • In the business office setting, the OfficeRunner is a great tool for companies looking to provide optimal inter-office communication and/or excellent customer service. It is also very simple to connect two OfficeRunner headsets to one base allowing a trainer to sit in and assist a CSR on a call. One on one training used to require a cumbersome y-cord, but with OfficeRunner’s unique wireless technology, now there’s no set up required.

Another technological asset to the OfficeRunner’s is when it is coupled with the ORL 12, a handset lifter that attaches to the desk phone and allows the user to remotely lift the phone handset off the cradle so that an incoming call can be answered when the user is away from the desk.

The OfficeRunner sells for $299.95.

 [March 3, 2011]

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