Beenox wants to conquer the world - Dee Brown (CEO)

Since the beginning, Dominique (Dee) Brown, president and founder of Beenox, the largest video game studio in Québec City, repeats his mantra to anyone who will listen: Beenox wants to conquer the world. "Our goal is to develop video games that players everywhere will remember and refer to, he says. Over the years, we have had opportunities to develop other types of games, but we have always concentrated our efforts on producing the best video games on the best gaming consoles out there!”

With a little more than 300 employees, the Quebec studio has now reached its growth objectives for its development teams. Beenox’s team now aims to secure a place among the best and most recognized studios in the world and their team is up for the challenge! With its latest release: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions being such a success, the young team has reached a higher level of recognition for the studio, as well as the gaming industry in Quebec City.

The CEO’s plan for Beenox is not rocket science: He intends to one day create a game that all players in the world can communicate with. "What I want to do is to make games that leave an impact and not necessarily games that always cost a lot to create. I want Beenox to create games that have a special place in the digital entertainment industry and that produce the most creative projects and work on titles that are in the top 10 worldwide."

Over the next few years, Dominique Brown would like to see Beenox develop intellectual property. "I think that the studio wants to eventually create its own property, he says, but it must avoid missing its mark. It has really only one chance when it launches its own game and it has to make sure that the stars are properly aligned. I still wish that we could create our property within the next five years."

To achieve these objectives, Beenox is trying to develop a culture of innovation among its staff. "The game highlights have never been games that have reinvented a genre, but they have provided new and innovative concepts from which the development studio has been building its brand," explains Dominique Brown. “It requires work that does not contain errors and that details are thought of in advance. To achieve this, we must build a culture of innovation and excellence within the company while going for the best talent. "

This culture is securely reinforced by the recruitment of strong developmental skills in their employees. Beenox also developed its competitive advantage by being the owner of all its development tools and having a quality assurance (QA) department of more than 100 employees.

"Having our technology department and the entire development department under the same roof is a great advantage to drive innovation, says Dominique Brown. When anyone has an incredible idea, that requires our technology department to verify it, we have only to go down one floor to see if it is possible. Everything is integrated here because it gives us a lot of autonomy and it is believed that this is really a long-term advantage."

Often regarded as the standard bearer of the video game industry by the city of Quebec, Dominique Brown continues to be strongly committed to the development of the digital entertainment industry in the capital.

[Charles Prémont]

 [July 18, 2011]

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