Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts Bring Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures to the PC

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) is developing Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, a free-to-play, action packed virtual world for fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series on Cartoon Network. Developed and published by SOE, creators of the critically acclaimed kids’ game, Free Realms, and licensed by LucasArts, in conjunction with Lucasfilm Ltd., Clone Wars Adventures will launch online and in retail stores this fall.

"We have a long running and extremely successful partnership with Sony Online Entertainment and look forward to working together on our next project, Clone Wars Adventures," said Mary Bihr, Global VP of Publishing, LucasArts. "Working hand in hand with Lucasfilm, LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment ensures that Clone Wars Adventures will be the most authentic and accessible Clone Wars experience for kids and families to play in their very own living room."

Focused on creating a fun and safe online environment for kids and families, Clone Wars Adventures offers exciting minigames, dynamic activities, lively social events and thousands of customization options. Players can even battle it out with friends alongside iconic Star Wars characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Ahsoka Tano.

"Clone Wars Adventures is the ultimate destination for fans of The Clone Wars series and will bring the action and excitement of the show to players online so they can experience The Clone Wars universe firsthand," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "We’ve worked with LucasArts and Lucasfilm to create a virtual world that is seamlessly integrated with the TV series and a true extension of the show. It’s also just flat-out fun to play."

With Clone Wars Adventures a new generation of Star Wars fans can become the next great hero of the Republic and take their rightful place alongside the Jedi, Padawan and Clone Troopers. Players can speed through space in a starfighter, take out waves of battle droids in Tower Defense or test their brains with challenging Droid Programming puzzles. Players can also purchase legendary Star Wars outfits, items and accessories through micro-transactions using Station Cash, SOE’s virtual currency.


  • Extend the Fantasy: Kids no longer have to wait until the next exciting episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series to continue exploring and enjoying the Star Wars universe. With Clone Wars Adventures, kids can go online to experience exciting thrills as you duel iconic adversaries with your own custom lightsaber, speed through the galaxy in your starfighter, defeat enemies and take down starships. Adventure online to discover your destiny!
  • Play Free or Upgrade: Clone Wars Adventures is a free-to-play game, but players who want to take the galactic action to the next level can purchase a monthly membership. Players can also buy cool Star Wars universe items from within the game through micro-transactions using Station Cash.
  • Minigames & More: From Droid Programming to Speeder Bike Racing, Clone Wars Adventures puts you in the driver seat to experience epic action in immersive minigames that take you to your favorite locations in the galaxy. Become the proud owner of a tricked out Droid pet or throw a party in your player house - the fun is endless!
  • Fun With Friends: Whether you are on adventures with old friends or competing for leaderboard status with new ones, Clone Wars Adventures is a lively virtual world that connects players in fun and safe ways. Show off your achievements in your Trophy Room, use safe chat and emoticons to express yourself and celebrate in-world events with the entire galaxy!
  • Embedded Card Game: Clone Wars Adventures card battles lets players pit a variety of fun characters, creatures and vehicles from The Clone Wars television show against one another in a unique, fast-paced combat similar to the gameplay styles of traditional games such as War and Concentration.
  • Kid-Friendly: Parental controls allow for the customization of safety options, including pre-canned chat and playtime settings for younger players.

Coming this fall, Clone Wars Adventures is the ultimate virtual destination for a new generation of Star Wars fans. Clone Wars Adventures, the Force is in you.

 [June 3, 2010]

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