TiVo and Technicolor Team Up to Offer Integrated PVR Solution

TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), a company specialised in advanced television services and personal video recorders (PVRs), and Technicolor (EURONEXT PARIS: 18453) (NYSE: TCH), a provider of production, postproduction, and distribution services to content creators and distributors, have unveiled that Technicolor will invest in and develop an advanced, TiVo-ready, high definition PVR set-top box for operators who license TiVo software.

Technicolor will port TiVo software to its latest state-of-the-art DSI803 PVR hardware platform, giving operators the benefit of provisioning PVRs that are optimized for TiVo’s software. The integration of TiVo software and Technicolor hardware will reduce development and integration costs associated with operator deployment, reduce time to market, reduce complexity of implementation, and can be leveraged across multiple technology platforms with offerings to operators worldwide. The initial implementation is to support the initiative reported earlier this year between TiVo and Conax. It is expected to reach beyond to help accelerate deployment of Technicolor set-top-boxes fueled with TiVo’s software for TV operators around the world.

"As the convergence of linear television and broadband continues to take hold, operators need to deploy advanced television solutions that are cost efficient and ready for rapid deployment," said Frederic Kurkjian, SVP - Satellite and Cable STB Business Unit at Technicolor. "As one of the leading set-top box providers in the world, operators were increasingly looking to Technicolor to help address this need. To manage this, we selected TiVo’s truly comprehensive solution for marrying TV and Internet content within a single, user-friendly and intuitive interface. TiVo’s vast understanding of what television viewers want, coupled with our expertise in manufacturing hardware and the platform porting work we are now doing, will be a major advantage for operators looking to leapfrog the competition."

The new offering will feature a dual-tuner HD PVR, a minimum of 320GB hard drive capable of recording up to 45 hours of HD or 400 hours of SD programming, broadband connectivity, and a touch-sensitive front panel, all housed in an aesthetically pleasing case customizable by operator. The product will meet all European Low Power Code of Conduct requirements.

"We are thrilled to be working with the world class engineering team at Technicolor on its first preemptive PVR software integration project," said Joshua Danovitz, Vice President & General Manager International, TiVo Inc. "This is a big win for pay-TV operators and broadcasters who will soon have access to integrated products that combine Technicolor’s breadth as one of the biggest and most innovative global set-top box companies and TiVo’s expertise as the world’s leading television interface."

 [May 25, 2010]

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